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Excerpt from a suite of seven installation videos

"The Can Converter" manufactures several products for the DIY market. They had communication problems in their written installation instructions which resulted in a high number of product returns.

We created a series of seven videos that resolved customer confusion.


Customer comments about these HowTo videos:

Thank goodness for this video! I used it to easily install the Can Converter. Not sure I would have been able to figure it out by following the written directions in the box but the video made it super simple!
By Riley3149

I cannot comment on the usefulness of the instructions - I never even unfolded them. See this youtube video for one of the best sets of 'how-to' animated instructions I've ever seen on anything.

I ditched the written instructions and used the youtube videos, which were really well done.
By Esekiel342 (Phoenix)

Advice for installing: read the written instructions once and then view their installation instruction video on youtube, it's significantly more straight forward and easier to follow than the written instructions.
April Connelly (Los Angeles)


Installation Video (excerpt)

LuxeBidet manufactures retrofit bidets for the DIY market. While the product is relatively easy to install, assembling the unit requires that adapters be inserted in dark, damp areas. We used 3D computer to keep our depiction clean, clear and inviting


IPS Controllers
Installation Video (excerpt)

IPS Controllers manufactures a line of automated control devices for swimming pools.

This video is designed to simplify the installation of this sophisticated device that automates pool chemistry maintenance. We modeled and animated all of the 3D animation, created and incorporated 2D illustrations to make this comprehensive how-to video.

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