Product Videos


Product Video for
Personal Hygiene Product

LuxeBidet manufactures retrofit bidets for the DIY market. We created a tasteful video to promote product sales at Amazon and other online retailers.


Hydro Dimensions
Product Video for Spa Tubs

Hydro Dimensions produces therapeutic hydro-massage tubs in conventional and walk in spa styles. This is an image video to illustrate the industry-leading status of the company and extol the innovative benefits of their line of premium spa tub products


Trade show loop

Harwil manufactures sensors for the aquatic products industry.

We designed this video loop to tell the Harwil story wordlessly, as it was destined for playback at a noisy trade show location.


Product Video for
Pool Maintenance Tools

Oreq manufactures a line of premium swimming pool maintenance products that they market directly to pool professionals.

As the products are tougher than consumer goods, Oreq wanted to convey the quality, safety and longevity of these professional products.


Product Video for
Water Sports Toys

The ZIFFUN product line is economical yet rugged. The client wanted to show family members of all ages enjoying ZIFFUN's line of water toys and accessories.

We staged a pool party at two locations, invited several families to participate and then documented the day of fun that ensued.


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